Demon Prince is Complete

Daemon Prince

This Demon Prince took alot of time to assemble and paint. First off, it was probably the worst GW metal model I’ve ever had to assemble – it took me 2  days to assemble because I had so much putty work to do on it. And it was puttying I had to do in stages – assemble the torso, putty the gaps, let dry. Assemble the back pack to torso, putty, let dry…. repeat as necessary until complete.

Painting it was pretty easy, though time consuming – there were alot of details. All in all I used 18 different paints, inks and washes on this guy. I know because it’s an old habit I’ve gotten into when I paint a model or unit – I leave the colour I’ve just used next to my painting area, so when the model’s done, I can either record what I’ve used for the future, or see exactly how many colours went into a model. It can be really surprising, and 18 is not the most for a single guy by far!

I intend to play this guy with wings and Warptime so he will be a serious distraction on the battlefield. Those 2 upgrades are really useful and don’t make him too expensive points wise. I haven’t played with him yet (or any of my Chaos Marines, actually) but I know he’s going to do me proud.

Btw – that’s a shitty photo; he’s much better looking in person.

Daemon Prince
Points on the table: 155pts     Time to paint: 6hrs


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