Second Chaos Rhino Complete

This was the first truly Chaos vehicle kit I bought – kit comes with spikes, chains, a whack of icons on extra plate to stick on wherever you can. But the best truly Chaos bit is the 6-tube Havoc Launcher – a 5/5 twin linked, 48″ blast weapon, that I hope is worth its 15pts.

I’m sold on the idea of using Rhinos, whereas I wasn’t during 4th Ed.: they guarantee you a 12″ move for your troops, they ‘re great mobile cover if they get out, and they’re the best save you could hope for against high power weaponry in the open! 

This model was painted with the following colours:

  • Fenris Grey base, highlighted with Hideous Blue
  • Mechrite Red parts (with PPKhador Highlight for accents)
  • The usual, Vallejo Brass, Boltgun Metal, Tin Bitz and Chainmail for metals
  • Mud is stipples Graveyard Earth then stippled Vermin Brown

The driver is in green – that’s because I intend to deliver Plague Marines with this Rhino. (And also because I wanted to break up the overall blue scheme with something different. Too much blue!)

I intend to equip it with a Havoc Launcher and dozer blade, so it can advance no matter what the terrain. I’m toying with the Daemonic Possession upgrade, but I think if a Rhino gets hit, it’s more apt to get  popped than stunned, and that upgrade is alot of pts at 20. Like my other Rhino, I gave this one an aerial too – made out of guitar string, which will naturally keep its shape and tension, yet is flexible enough to hit while transporting and gaming.

Chaos Rhino 2
Points on the table: 45pts     Time to paint: 5hrs


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