Chaos Terminators Complete

Chaos Terminators

These Chaos Terminators are set-up for assaulting, as best they can, given the model bits I had available. Bog standard, these guys come with twin-linked bolters and power weapons, so they’re all good at assaulting. One trooper will have a chain-fist to make them more dangerous against vehicles, and at least one will probably have a combi-melta, and one a heavy flamer. To increase their initiative, I’ll probably be taking an Icon of Slaanesh, which will simultaneously let me deep strike Lesser Daemons to help out in the combat.

These 5 models took about 5hrs all together to paint – there’s not a lot of detail really. I’m impressed with their Imperial armour – it has alot of skulls, and skulls are of course EVIL. Perhaps later, I’ll do some grime streaks on their joints to make them look a little older and more used; but right now I just need to get them done.

Chaos Terminators
Points on the table: 190pts     Time to paint: 5hrs 


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