Summoned Lesser Daemons Complete

I got these models from my totally hetero friend, Glen. They were based up for WHFB, so all I had to do was find some slotted round bases, and replant them with some new rock and flock – and I was done!

I like the idea of these guys in my Chaos Space Marine army – they’re a very different unit in 40K. Always starting in reserve, Lesser Daemons arrive by deep striking onto the battlefield within 6″ of a Chaos icon. If there are no Chaos icons on the table when they’re supposed to arrive, they’re destroyed instead. I’m hoping it pays off to use them wherever they’re needed – they’re great distraction troops, and they’re pretty good in cc too.

I helped Glen paint these models 2 or 3 years ago. They were painted very simply and quickly:

  • prime the models white
  • base coat yellow or pink
  • wash with orange or red ink respectively
  • highlight with the original base colour and add blue tongues

For a unit of 12 guys, these guys were painted up in about 4 hours. The above photo is crappy – they look alot better in person. Their bright demonic colours are quite the contrast to everything else in my army – and in 40K in general!

Summoned Lesser Daemons
Points on the table: 156pts    Time to paint: 4hrs


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