Chaos Terminator Prototypes

Just quickly today I completed 2 Chaos Terminator protypes for my up and coming squad. The guys pictured here are bog-standard: power weapon/twin-linked bolter toting dudes.

Ultimately, I think this squad will be kitted out for assault. So far my army doesn’t have any assault oriented guys, so I’m tempted to deep strike them near a Chaos icon, that’s hopefully half way up the battlefield, and let loose with rapid fire and heavy flamer shots. Or maybe they should just get in a Land Raider and go. But I don’t have a Land Raider.

These guys are painted in the same scheme as my first CSM squad: Cygnar Blue base coat, Cygnar Blue Highlight drybrush, highlighted with Cygnar Highlight and Fenris Gray mixed, and Mechrite Red for accents. They paint up really fast actually, because there’s not a lot of detail.

Chaos Terminators
Time to paint: 2hrs     Points on the table: 60pts


One thought on “Chaos Terminator Prototypes

  1. “But I don’t have a Land Raider”
    That’s fine by me Dave!

    Termies are one unit I really miss playing in my Prospectus List.

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