Chaos Dreadnought Complete

While I like most of the Chaos Space Marine models, the dreadnought is a major exception. It looks old and has weird dimensions. This Imperial Dreadnought, which I already owned, is a much better proportioned model.

As long as I have SM models I don’t want anyway, I’m going to offer them to the gods of Chaos for a new paint job, and griming up. Grime is EVIL. This model has been painted in Fenris Grey, GW’s foundation paint, and given my Final Chapter’s accent colours of Mechrite Red and brass. It’s not particularly evil looking, but I expect there’ll be some CSM vehicles in my future, and I’ll steal iconography and details from them.

I’m going to outfit this dread with a missile launcher and twin-linked autocannon – it’s job will be to support advancing infantry, and light vehicle control.

Chaos Dreadnought
Points on the table: 110pts   Time to repaint: 1hr


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