10 Man CSM Squad Complete

Band of Evil Brothers

So – my first Band of Evil – a full 10 man squad of Chaos Space Marines – is complete! Along with converted rhino no less.

I bought these guys on Tuesday, they’re done on Saturday – awesome – they’re working out to be about 1.5hrs/guy to paint. Why? There’s just so much interesting detail to pull out, I can’t pass it up: every helmet is different, every pose is unique – I loved painting these guys.
Now let’s add up the points of how I intend to run them:
  • 10 men with Champion – 165pts
  • Power fist upgrade – 25pts
  • Meltagun – 10pts
  • Icon of Chaos Glory – 10pts
  • Chaos Rhino dedicated transport (with Havoc launcher) – 50pts
Chaos Space Marine Squad
Points on the table: 260pts     Time to paint: 20hrs (including Rhino)

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