Chaos Space Marine Rhino Complete

This Rhino used to belong to my Space Marine Combat Patrol – and it used to be a Razorback too. Bright freakin’ yellow.

I think it looks a lot better now as a Chaos Space Marine Rhino. I like the new colour better – GW’s Fenris Grey – although it shares many colours with the CSM squad I finished yesterday. This is the first model I’ve done with heavy highlight lining, a technique that’s not very “realistic” in the modeling world, but really looks good on a wargames tabletop. 

I think I’m going to outfit my Rhino with demonic possession and a havoc launcher. These upgrades will allow it to still move if glanced, and have a decent long range weapon for the battlefield. I’d be interested to know how other players upgrade their Rhinos, if at all. Leave a message if you have an opinion.

CSM Rhino
Points on the table: 70pts (after upgrades)     Time to paint: 5hrs


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