Chaos Space Marines Started

Prototype CSMs

OK, so Iwas bitten by the Chaos Marine bug.

Why? I’ll admit that I have some interest in playing 40K – I like the new 5th ed. rules, and I certainly like the models. But my main opponent – Gus – plays Space Marines, and even though I have a sizeable Eldar force, I want to play Marines occasionally too. But there’s nothing more dull than a SM vs SM battle – Gus and I both agree on this. So I started looking into Chaos.

Turns out, I can use some of my leftover WHFB demons as CSM troops. The current Marine force I have underway, will be converted into these new Chaos Marines, with goatees. You know – evil! Even the rhino can be converted.

The 2 prototype Marines above took 2 about hours to paint. But some of that time was spent choosing colour schemes, and doing pictorial research. They were primed black, base coated with PPP Exile Blue, then drybrushed with GW Shadow Grey and finally washed with Badab Black. The wash wasn’t really necessary, and made the models a little too dark. The highlights are different for each model – the one on the left was highlighted with Shadow Grey, the right with PPP Cygnar Blue Highlight. I think I like the Cygnar Highlight best, because it simultaneously adds a little more colour to the model.

Chaos Space Marines
Points on the table: 30     Time to paint: 2hrs


2 thoughts on “Chaos Space Marines Started

  1. Dave, you never cease to amaze. Chaos would have been my last guess of which army you were starting. Now that I know, I am looking forward to fighting them, and I don’t think I have EVER fought Chaos.

    I’ll have to examine their codex and see how (on paper) my force will fare.

    Keep em coming!

    • Ha! And fight them you shall. I really like the idea of traitor and loyalist marine fights – that’s a classic matchup! This photo really makes them look kind of purply – and they’re not – they’re a very dark blue. I like the CSM models more in person, than in online photos. They’re quite good.

      I have my first squad assembled already – half toting bolters, and half toting CC weapons. My Champion has a power fist, and I’ll be outfitting other options of melta gun and Chaos icon. I can’t wait for a 1000pt battle with you – that’s my first goal.

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