DBA Persian Army is Complete

The army with options- minus the scythed chariot

So I finally completed the Later Achaemenid Persian Army for DBA! Yay! After months of being ignored, these guys demanded (and so did Andrew) that they be finished in time for Hotlead 2010, in Stratford ON. And it was done.

I haven’t quite painted up every option available – this Xyston kit came with 18 freakin’ stands available – the only things missing are the Scythed Chariot and the 3xCav General. But the Light Chariot General is identical in every way, except for 10mm of extra base depth. And he just looks cooler on a chariot. So this army is far higher than the 12 stands necessary – 16 so far, with 2 more coming! And yes, the scythed chariot will be added soon, and almost always played!

English Andrew played the Persians well in their first tournament, winning 2 and losing 1 game to pull a 2nd place. He insisted on playing with a scythed chariot though, so borrowed one from a loaner army – also made with Xyston minis. The king’s chariot was the first unit I based – the bases are covered in small brown ballast. This is drybrushed with Vallejo Iraqi Sand, and then randomly flocked with scorched green static grass. So it’s a rough base that won’t be too different from other “arable”  army bases.

Time to paint: 5hrs

Without further delay, here is the rest of the army and their paint times.

Persian colour schemes can get pretty whacky – almost anything goes, but these cavalry, like the rest of the army were deliberately painted with a more limited palette. Oh there’s still plenty of colour, but fewer than historical to make the army appear more visually cohesive. These cavalry were painted separately – horses, then riders, then glued into their saddles. Thanks Dave May for your idea of propping them on a drilled wire to hold them more easily – I thought it would be a lot more work, but it wasn’t at all.

Paint time: 4hrs

Persian Light Cavalry

Persian light cavalryAfter getting the hang of painting cavalry, and comfortable with my colour schemes, these guys were done pretty fast.Paint time: 3hrsEgyptian heavy spears

I’m not entirely happy with these guys – there’s alot of detail in the armour, but it’s too shallow to catch a good wash. I should augment the so-so wash with a little highlighting.

Time to paint: 3hrs

Persian spears

These Persian spears were painted a lot more homogenously than was historical, but they came out really well I think. I’m going to order shield transfers to make them complete.

Time to paint: 3hrs

Persian auxilia

You can either play with the 4xspears above, or with the 4xauxilia shown here. Andrew went with the spears seeing as he had 2 psiloi at his disposal anyway. I’ve painted these guys initially with very little shield detail, but I’ll update them later with more fluff.

Time to paint: 4hrs
And lastly, the Persian psiloi. Simple models to paint with their basic cloth uniforms – and only 6 guys!
Time to paint: 2hrs

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