Recruiting for the Tau Empire

Tau Crisis SuitsI haven’t been posting too much lately, because I’ve been very busy painting. Tau to be exact – dozens of them. I have 1200pts painted so far, with just 300 more to go before the long weekend (this weekend) here in Canada.

Below are some of the models I’ve been painting over the last 2 weeks – and it has just taken 2 weeks to get all these done – with about 30hrs of painting all told. Tau do paint up fast!

Tau Stealth SuitsI have 2 full units of Stealth Suits, almost 500pts of Crisis Suits, a lrge Kroot horde of mixed kroot and hounds, a painted Hammerhead, 2 Broadside suits and a whole whack of drones to accompany them.

The drones are especially interesting – they can be customized to accomodate your Tau force into a specialization – shooty, accurate or defensive. I have a good mix chosen with my army, which I have yet to play, to keep my opponent honest. Because the Tau are mostly BS:3, I’ve upgraded several units with markerlight drones.

Tau HammerheadI found painting the vehicles particularly easy, but time consuming. There’s more technique to choosing appropriate colours than getting the painting right. I did have some help though – all these models were already built and primed, so all I had to do was paint.

Tau BroadsidesSome models are mangled though – like these Broadsides. The metal railguns uptop have clumps of miscast metal all over them – so where there should be smooth lines, there’s cludge, and it really takes away from the elegance of the Tau high-tech. I’m also disappointed in the tiny freakin’ ball joints that attach such a heavy model to the feet on the base. It’s a fragile attachment that has broken on a couple of models – not just the Broadsides.

Kroot HordeI really like these Kroot – they paint up fast with base colours and then a wash. After the wash, just highlight with some of the original colour and you’re done!

Below is a pic of some more Crisis Suits in progress – all in all, each Suit takes about 1hr to paint properly. The most time consuming part is all teh finicky highlighting of edges, which really make these models come alive!

Tau Crisis Suits - WIP


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