Online with World of Warcraft

Dovad the DwarfAfter many years of watching, and many years of wondering, I finally took the MMO plunge and am playing World of Warcraft. I had to be pushed though – my brother got me a subscription for 3 months worth of play time – so after an hour long DVD install, and about an hour and a half of patching – I was ready to go!

Here are my stats:
Name: Dovad
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin ( I usually never play a fighter)
Server: Eitrigg

Dovad is on the East continent, starting in the Anvil Marr region, in the town of Dun Morogh. I tried my best to make him look like me, and for the most part he does. I debated making a female Dwarf for the simple reason that, if I’m going to stare at someone’s ass while gaming, it might as well be shapely. I’m already level 2 after 15 minutes of gaming – I’ve killed my 8 wolves, and now have gloves of boar handling.

I’m going back online now to check my internet speed at night, as well as maybe bop a few bunnies on the head. See you online!


5 thoughts on “Online with World of Warcraft

  1. hehe, didn’t think I’d see that happening. I’ve just about worn myself out on MMO’s again, so I’m back to working on miniatures. =p

    • Hey Will – I was pretty reluctant, but I’ll see how how much time it consumes. I’m still painting! Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your Infinity minis!

      • mmm my Infinity stuff been coming along just… a bit slowly. Most models have both hands holding a gun which has always giving me trouble not to mention how small some of them are, plus all the little antenna’s and fins. Their worth it in the end though, just a different style of mini then what I’m used too I guess.

  2. Welcome to Wow, I think once you get into it and start to play the char you will get hooked. Pally is a good class with so many option open to you once you start levelling….Enjoy

    • Thanks Paul – that’s why I took Paladin – I was told there were alot of options that would make life interesting. Here’s hoping!

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