High Elf White Lions – One Rank



One rank of White Lions is complete! I traded for these White Lions many years ago, before the latest HE book, and let the models sit. Before the 6th ed. HE book, White Lions just weren’t worth taking – they were too expensive and a rare choice too, I think.

They’re an excellent choice now. They’re the strongest HE in the army (outside of characters) with S:4, and great weapons. That alone – along with their stubborn leadership of 8, make them worth taking in any game you have small, heavily armoured units to fight across the table: cavalry, 40mm elites, etc.

I really like these models – though they’re chunky metals. I would like to have seen these guys redone rather than the Shadow Warriors GW thinks they had to improve. White Lions are all about the axe, but these chubby axe handles would scare a dwarf off. They do have lots of character though – I’ve painted they’re helmet plumes orange (washed with red) to make them match my Lion Charioteers. They took a little longer to paint, as my prototype was done in this rank.

White Lions
Points on the table: 81pts (with musician)     Time to paint: 4hrs


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