More High Elf Spearmen

High Elf Spearmen

High Elf Spearmen (2x20)

Finally – after 5 or 6 years of owning High Elves, I’ve finally got 2 x 20 man regiments. I’ve been stuck at 32 models for years, which allowed me to field a single full unit at whatever I wanted, but always a second, too-small one. So I often never took more than 1 regiment of Spearmen.

At 9pts a guy, with full command, (and I always take full command with spearmen – why not?) a unit of 20 is just 205pts. That’s a good deal for 3 ranks of fighting warriors moving at 5″, WS:4, I:5. On paper they should:

  • be hitting at 66% 
  • be wounding at 50%

But it never works out that way. I’ve seen 18 attacks get no wounds at all against the most average of troops, because they’re S:3. By the time you get through the math above, and factor in even poor armour saves, you often get no kills at all, which is why I’m going to start adding nobles into the front rank. These guys need to get more kills to win combats.

Because HE are so expensive per model, you need every Elf in the game to be fighting, or contributing in some way. You can’t buy your way to a +3 rank bonus at 9 (or more) points per guy.

The 8 guys I painted tonight took me about 3hrs to do – there were no special troopers. There’s always a longer paint time to light coloured troops.

High Elf Spearmen
Points on the table (2×20): 410     Time to Paint: 20hrs 


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