Ogre Butcher is Complete

Ogre Kingdom ButcherOk – I really don’t like this model. I already have a butcher model but felt I needed a second one for my army. I bought this one on sale at Dueling Grounds last year, so it was the right price for a model I kind of resented having to use.

The kit comes with 3 variable right arms, and 3 heads. The first butcher I assembled used the best of these, and since I didn’t want an identical 2nd model, I had to use the sub-standard options: butt-ugly head, and poorly sculpted (very rough) poorly fitting cleaver arm. I even had an above average amount of putty work to do.

But he’s done now. Maybe I’ll revisit him in the future and give him a second chance at painting love, but GW really screwed up on this model. It was rushed out the door, and it shows.

Ogre Kindom Butcher
Points on the table: 130     Time to paint: 5hrs(!) (assemble, putty, paint)


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