Warhammer Giant is Complete

Warhammer GiantThis model is a fantastic kit. I remember when it came out – I bought one that week. And since then it’s been sitting around – fully assembled and primed – until I finally decided to “recruit” it for my Skaven army.

Of course the Warhammer giant is usable in many armies – my Skaven, Ogres and TK can use one. (Remember kids, the giant is essentially a Dogs of War model, and the rules for it allow for its inclusion into almost a half dozen Warhammer armies.)

I’ll admit that a giant can be problematic to include in an army. These guys draw a lot of fire and can fight unpredictably. But they’re a terror bomb when you need one, can fight exceedingly well, and just plain look good on the table. Stubborness helps. Jumping up and down helps.

Warhammer Giant FrontThis guy was painted in about 10hrs. While I paint I always leave the pots I used next to my model – it helps me remember what colours I used, and its fun to count up how many were used when I’m finally complete. This guy needed 21 different colours and washes. That’s probably a record for me. It’s very tempting to paint the giant in whacky colours – he’s got detrious from several armies strapped to his body: lizardmen skins on one arm, Bretonnian and Empire shields on the other. It’s obvious he’s scavenged equipment from all over. But in the end I decided to keep his acquisitions in the red and green colour groupings. This would help keep him under colour control, but it also matched the accent colours on my Skaven and OK models.

Overall I love the model, but I particularly like the contrast he adds to any army I might field.
Warhammer Giant
Points on the table: 205     Time to paint: 10hrs


2 thoughts on “Warhammer Giant is Complete

    • Thanks for all the comments Gus – nice to have some feedback. Sometimes I put that wall behind a model I photograph to clear up the background. It’s a section of my fortress model that I occasionally use in fantasy. You might not have seen it, but it’s in a terrain box here at the house.

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