Ogre Kingdoms Additions


These 3 guys are a 180pt unit.

So while I’m on this new painting frenzy I decided to dust off my current collection of Ogre Kingdoms models and see how many points I had painted. Turns out it was just under 700, which really shocked me because I’ve had OK since 2005. I’ve had many models assembled and flashed, but never quite got around to painting them. So I set myself a goal to get a 1500pt force together and painted.

These 2 units, plus the Skaven used as gnoblars, (as I refuse to buy gnoblar models when I had so many hordes models already kicking around) will get me to about 1300pts. Next I’ll work on my Slave Giant, and that will almost get me to 1500pts. Throw in some magic items and luck gnoblars, and I’m there. I’m very interested in having a 1500pt game with these guys. I’ve only ever used them in Warband games of 500pts or less, where they usually kick ass.


These 3 Bulls are 130pts.

I’ll have them to 2000pts easily with a couple more characters and unit of gnoblar trappers. The Ogre Kingdom army has to walk a fine line between power and numbers – we’ll see where I end up, but it would be nice to have a 3rd, fully painted, 2000pt army! It doesn’t count unless it’s painted. Ogres are so easy to paint. You can see I’ve got some white guys in my units now – that’s because the foundation paint, Tallarn Flesh, covers black opaquely in 1 coat. Add some Ogryn Flesh wash and you’re done!  I might put tattoos on some of these guys. I’d probably use the designs right out of the book.


One thought on “Ogre Kingdoms Additions

  1. From what I remember about playing your Ogres in Warbands, with my very limited WHFB skills, was that they are tough to kill and scary to watch advancing towards my lines.

    You have the knack for investing little time into painting your models, but having them look like a million bucks when you are done.

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