100_1572Day 1 starts at 6:30 when Will and Andrew arrive, and it’s straight into the Warmachine 20pt tournament.

First matchup – Will’s Menoth plays my Cygnar. Will is using Reznick, with a Crusader, Dervish, Avatar and a Repenter. My force is Epic Haley, with a Defender, Ironclad and Centurion. Overall it’s a close game with some less than optimal moves on both sides – Will figures out that Perdition doesn’t work well against heavies, and I learn that it’s almost always best to play conservatively with your caster, than rashly. Rashly got Haley killed in the end.

A very fun game, that was close to the end.

100_1586Then Andrew played Will in game 2 – Cryx vs. Menoth. Using the other half of the table, (with a sculpted hill), Andrew’s Cryx won out over Menoth, as Will’s jacks couldn’t get up the hill in good cover, and got picked apart trying.

So no clear tournament champion yet, and lots of games yet to play.


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