DBA Persian Auxilia are Complete


DBA Persian Auxilia

I like the colour on these new miniatures (by Xyston). In a mild attempt to keep this new DBA Persian army from getting too colourfully out of control, I’ve used the same green on their sleeves as I used on my psiloi tunics. They still come across as light infantry, but are a little more aesthetically cohesive.

I realize I haven’t done the shields yet – they’re next – but they won’t take too long. Each of the figs above has a shield whether they’re armed with a spear or a short sword. Most of my auxilia from Xyston have spears – it’s about a 2:1 ratio.

Overall, I used 16 colours and washes on these 6 guys – I always keep the paints I use next to the minis being painted – in this case, I’m recording the colours for future Persian models.

DBA Persian Auxilia
Vs. Foot: +3     Vs. Mounted: +2     Time to Paint: 4hrs


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