DBA Persian Army Started

xyston-dba-army-boxesSo after HotLead 2009, English Andrew decides that DBA is cool once more, so he and I strike a deal: he’ll buy armies in historical pairs, and I’ll paint them up. Sounds good.

I have just received the first order of these pairs, and I can’t wait to get them done – II7 Later Achaemenid Persians, and II12 Alexandrian Macedonians from Xyston Miniatures. Awesome minis – probably the best 15mm sculpts I’ve ever seen – very little flash too. They were ordered in tandem with 2 packs of spears also, which I think is a good idea, seeing as lead molded spears often get irrepairably mangled in blister packs.

Keep your eye out for these as I start into the Persian Army first, and document my progress – as much for myself as incentive, as showing them off to Andrew.


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