Dave May Drops by for LotR

100_1330-dave-may Eager to try out some skirmish gaming, Dave May dropped by recently for some Lord of the Rings SBG – and we had a blast.

First Game:
The Dwarves would face off against the Uruk-Hai in 2 scenarios. The first was a scouting engagement with an unlimited number of bowmen allowed in the forces. This shows the weakness of bowfire, as both armies have very high defence ratings, there weren’t that many kills by bow. The game was settled by a meeting engagement near the board centre, as my Dwarvish Captain finished off Lurtz and his bodyguard after Dave had used Lurtz’s Fate early on in the game. This was a learning game for Dave, so we played with less than a dozen models each, and now he had a knack for the rules.

Onto Game 2:
With a full 400pts per side, Dave once again lead the Uruk-Hai – now armed with a Troll and 5 crossbowmen – into battle against my Dwarf force, now armed with an Ent ally and a standard.

100_1332-dwarves-trollThe scenario was a modified “Take and Hold” game, with a statue placed in the table centre to mark the objective. Various groupings of warriors would fight it out around the table’s perimeter, trying also to make it to the centre statue for the win. My best chance to take down Dave’s Troll was late in the game, when I had a chance to charge it with 5 Dwarves, 4 of which could actually reach. But it was not to be. One by one, with a nearby Uruk Standard Bearer, the Troll smashed my warriors; then met up with my captain and Khazad Guard bodyguard, (and smashed them too) on the way to the objective.

100_1342-the-objective2By the time my Ent and remaining warriors had entered the courtyard with the statue, I was outnumbered, leaderless and broken. Dwarves were failing their Courage tests, and fleeing the field – even the Khazad Guard. I decided to capitulate before getting tabled, and the Uruk-Hai won the day.

Great games David – you can play here anytime.


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