My Favourite Primer

100_1344-primer1I was asked again on the weekend what primer I preferred for prepping my minis. Many gamers have many suggestions, and mine is DUPLI-COLOR SANDABLE PRIMER. Flat black of course.

Why? After many years of priming, I grew tired of GW’s black primer – it was the most expensive (by about 200%!), and each time I bought a can, it was hit and miss as to whether it was going to work smoothly or spatter its paint. Then I was told the new “Chaos Black” can wasn’t primer at all, but just black paint. They’d been forced to remove their primer for health reasons.

Pros: Dupli-Color is $7 at Canadian Tire, has more paint in it (340g) than most others, and, because it’s an automotive primer, you can bet it sprays on smooth. I’ve tried many other rust paints and primers, but this one’s the best. It also has a lever button top – I’d never seen anything like it. The spray-button at the top of this can is easier to depress than a regular can, because it’s levered. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but when I spray-bomb minis, I often do a dozen or more at once, and button fatigue sets in. Your index finger becomes tired, and you’re not spraying properly anymore – spackling can start.

Cons: Smelly, but no more than most. It’s also a very fine mist for black – wear a mask if you’ve got one.

Go out and get one, and give it a try. GW cans are only 280g, to Dupli-Color’s 340g, and Dupli-Color is half the price! (BTW – For white primer I use GW’s Skull White spray. Ya it’s expensive, but the spray is the finest mist you can get – and because it coats quickly, a 290g can lasts longer than their black.)


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