Some LotR Dwarf Ranger Bowmen

100_1321-dwarf-rangersThese Dwarf Rangers are easy to paint. I deliberately wanted them to stand out from my other Dwarf models, so they’ve been painted with an easily identifiable reddish brown called Bloodstone, from PP paints.

This, plus the obligatory green capes (Reflective Green from Vallejo), make them easy to sort in a Lord of the Rings skirmish game, as regular Dwarf Warriors can also have bows, but they don’t have the same stats. And unfortunately, they don’t have the same bows – a Ranger’s bow is called a Dwarvish longbow, but is treated like a bow – so S:2  Range:24″.

I’ve had a box of these Rangers kicking around for over a year now, but I’m finally getting around to painting them up to give my Erebor army a little more variety. It can be very frustrating for your opponent to always be fighting Def: 6 and 7 warriors, always needing a 6 to wound. Plus let’s face it, LotR SBG is a scenario driven game, and constantly playing pitched battles is not the point.

Dwarf Rangers
Points on the table: 40     Time to paint: 2hrs
F:4/3+  S:3  D:5  A:1  W:1  C:4


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