Realm of Battle Board is Complete

realm-of-battle-boardJust under 3 weeks ago I convinced Jordan of Jeff’s Cards & Comics, to let me paint up his Realm of Battle Board from GW. He had bought one as soon as it came out, and set it up for all to see in the store. Cool. But it was always just gray plastic. Now it’s complete!

Along with the board tiles, (I’ve only photographed the 4 hill tiles) he had purchased the Citadel Scenery Painting Pack – a simple kit of two colours of brown, 2 colours of static grass, a bottle of PVA glue and a 2″ brush. This kit is more than enough to get the board painted and flocked, although I did use my own greys for the rocks and broken ground. (And of course the skulls.) I don’t know what to think of the main brown – it’s a very red brown. Fancy having a battle of good vs. evil at a beach on Prince Edward Island?! Use this brown…

I squeezed all the PVA into a mason jar, and mixed it with an equal amount of water. I used almost all of that mixture doing the patchwork grasses. I used probably half of the dark brown painting the 6 tiles, and almost all of the lighter ochre drybrushing them. There’s mounds of static grass left over – scorched grass is the main darker green – and the bright green is almost half gone. I poured these grasses into tupperware containers so I could shake them out onto the tiles – it worked perfectly – and when you’re done, the containers store the grass for future projects. You’ll be using it for years.

Since Jordan had supplied me with the Scenery Painting Pack, I followed the directions to use it to the letter, and it turned out great! I think. I hope he likes it. If it were mine, I’d probably put some more time into the rocks and details, but it looks pretty good right now – and definitely better than gray plastic. I encourage anyone who has one of these things to spray it with a sealer afterwards – it’ll make the paint more scuff resistant, and the grasses cling longer. That’s been my experience with my own flocking projects, for sure.

Oh and clipping the tiles together? (Which I hear is a major pain.) Just set the tiles up on a blanket or cloth or something. When they’re all pushed together, the bottoms will grab the non-slippery surface, and they won’t come apart during play.

Realm of Battle Board
Points on the table: 0 – it is the table    Time to completion: 10hrs (includes priming)


3 thoughts on “Realm of Battle Board is Complete

    • Those are rocks – either coming up a hillside, or breaking through to the surface. The flash on the camera makes them look lighter than they really are, but they are light grey.

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