Trollblood Fell Caller is Complete

Trollblood Fell Caller

Trollblood Fell Caller

While my Trolls have a good selection of speed boosts, I don’t really have a good selection of CC boosts. So I went out and recruited a Fell Caller.

This guy is an exceptional CC solo – but his real skills lie in his ability to boost/inspire warrior models around him with his inate skills and his Fell Calls. Basically, any models within 6″ of him, (while he’s successfully chopping down the enemy) get +2 to their attack rolls – a boost my sorry ass Scatter Gunners could really use. But his main inspirations come from his Fell Calls:
Open Road – unit within 6″ get Pathfinder
Reveille – unit within 6″ immediately stand up if knocked down
War Cry – unit within 6″ gets +2 to all attack rolls

Fell Calls are a * Action, so he can’t do any attacking on the turn he uses them, but they all give Trollkin units interesting boosts for game play.

This model was easy enough to paint, despite the intricate detail – it’s all raised enough that it’s easy to get at/pick out with a moderately small brush, and there’s lots of recesses for washes to enhance shadows. (Don’t worry Andrew – I’m painting your Blitzer simultaneously! – check for updates on the Blitzer page.)

Trollblood Fell Caller Solo
Points on the table: 35pts     Time to paint: 2.5hrs
Spd:6  Str:7  Mat:7  Rat:4  Def:13  Arm:15  Cmd:8 – 2 swords – P+S:10 (weapon master) – 8 wounds


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