Warp Spider Squad is Complete

100_1282-warpspidersThese Warp Spiders were actually a hard unit to paint- they had to be painted with some detail, or they wouldn’t look any good. Of course there’s alot of detail on the models, but simple washes and highlighting still wouldn’t cut it. So I had to paint their individual parts, and that took a lot of time.

Warp Spiders are Fast Attack choices in the Eldar Codex – they move like jump pack troops, can run as usual, and can actually move an additional 2d6 with their jump generators. Fast! I can also give them Hit and Run if I take an Exarch. Which would make this 5 model unit worth 137pts. I have 4 more of these guys to use for a fuller unit, but I’m only going to paint a minimum unit size for now – I’m getting pretty tired of painting Eldar.

Eldar Warp Spiders:
WS:4  BS:4  S:3  T:3  W:1  I:5  A:1  Ld:9  Sv:3+
Points on the table: 137pts     Time to paint: 6hrs


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