Eldar Avatar is Complete

100_1280-eldar-avatarI never really liked the Eldar Avatar of Khaine until I used him in Dawn of War. In DoW he’s an unstoppable killing machine – glowing and nasty as all hell. As well he should be – he’s a daemon incarnate – come to wreak vengeance on the enemy of the Eldar. Yay! There are reasons he’s the first unit described in the codex: he’s a cc nightmare – 4 attacks at S:6, untouchable by melta and flamer weaponry, monstrous creature privileges, and the Wailing Doom – a sword that’s a 12″ melta gun. What’s not to like?

This model was painted pretty quickly, with deliberate effect. I wanted a glowing, fire-hot model that looked like armoured magma, and I think I’ve achieved it pretty well. Only the Avatar’s loin cloth isn’t on fire – and that just so I could tie him into my army colours a little better.

The model was spray painted white, washed in yellow ink, washed in orange ink, and finally washed in part, in red ink. Then I did light yellow and white highlights. Done. It’s a pretty cool model for washing – lots and lots of detail is brought out in the process.

Eldar Avatar of Khaine:
WS:10  BS:5  S:6  T:6  W:4  I:6  A:4  Ld:10  Sv:3+

Points on the table: 155pts     Time to paint: 2.5hrs


4 thoughts on “Eldar Avatar is Complete

  1. I like; you summarised how to paint what seems like a daunting and incredily detailed model with simplicity. kudos

  2. Thanks man – as with all detailed models, you have to decide early on whether you’re going to paint or wash that detail. Washing works just fine for the Avatar.

  3. Hey I was looking to do the same kind of thing on my avatar but wondering where you got the inks from to use on the model?

    • The inks I used are were all GW. Like many people, I hate painting yellow, so whenever I need something to be yellow, I spraybomb it white, and then use yellow ink to stain it. The mix is GW yellow, mixed with just a dab of orange ink, to keep it a rich yellow/gold, and not pale yellow, (and not orange – careful, the yellow will go orange FAST if you use too much orange – there’s no going back!) which looks rather pathetic. Or just coat it twice with straight yellow.

      When I used the red, I was using the GW wash – Baal Red. Not ink. Hope that helps.

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