Wraithguard are Complete

100_1277-wraithguardI’ve had these Wraithguard for many years now, and only since I’ve been painting my Eldar army recently, have they been completed. I like the idea of Wraithguard – walking dead, elite soldiers entombed in mechanical bodies – before I really knew how they’d function in my army.

I know these guys will be tricky to use – their short range guns (12″) are AP:2, and inflict hits on vehicles 66% of the time. But they’re 35pts a piece, and basically shutdown 1/6th of the time if not within 6″ of a Warlock. They really should be mounted in a Wave Serpent so they can be disembarked and blasting other vehicles or MCs right away. But I don’t have a Wave Serpent!

This unit is painted, but not finished. I’ll come back to them some day and add more detail when I have time, but for now they’re good enough for the table.

Eldar Wraithguard:
Points on the table:175pts     Time to paint: 3.5hrs
WS:4  BS:4  S:5  T:6  W:1  I:4  A:1  Ld:10(fearless)  Sv:3+


2 thoughts on “Wraithguard are Complete

  1. I’ve never faced Wraithguard…and since it’s almost a given I will face them at your place in March, it’s time to read the Eldar Codex entry on them…

    • I now have 1300pts of Eldar painted. For me that’s amazing – 40K has only been a Combat Patrol level game. Once I paint my Warp Spiders and Avatar, I’ll be at 1500pts and ready to go. More importantly, that’ll also mean I’ve painted every Edar mini I own – after 4 years!

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