Mordor Troll is Complete

100_1276-mordor-trollI bought this Mordor Troll in England several years ago, when my brother Jeff was living there. He drove me all the way to Nottingham (3hrs!) so I could see the Mothership that is Games Workshop HQ – bless him. (Jeff, if you’re reading – finest gaming experience of my life to date , dude. Awesome.) I promptly bought $200 worth of minis there, as the prices in the UK were actually better than in Canada, with no added tax to boot!

This model is really hard to pose in any way other than its intended fit, so I have 2 Mordor Trolls that look virtually identical; except for the club. On this one I cut off the usual hammer/club (which I used on the base as scenery), and replaced it with a pinned Ogre Irongut club. Much better. And of course, will kill alot more Dwarves as a result. 

I’ll use this guy as an Isengard Troll in my Legions of the White Hand list, because there were no Isengard Troll models for the longest time. Soon my Mordor army will grow, and these models can do double duty. Below are the stats for Mordor.

Mordor Troll:
Points on the table: 100pts     Time to paint: 3.5hrs
F:7/5+(!)  S:7  D:7  A:3  W:3  C:3


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