LotR Dwarf Standard Bearer is Complete

100_1271-dwarf-standard1This Dwarf Standard Bearer is an integral part of my Dwarvish army. Why? Because he lets all my two-handed axe warriors roll again if need be. Hell, all the Dwarves need a re-roll, because they’re usually outnumbered in combat. Very expensive dudes.

This model wasn’t that hard to paint – but I did worry about the standard’s colour. In the end, all my Dwarvish command has a touch of red to differentiate them from the rest, so I thought the red was a good choice for an accent to go along with my army’s green.

Dwarf Standard Bearer
Points on the table: 38    Time to paint: 2hrs
F: 4/4+  S: 3  D: 6  A: 1  W: 1  C: 4


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