Warmachine/Hordes Mk.II

khador-destroyerWell Kids, Mk.II versions of Warmachine and Hordes are coming out in 2010, and I say – about time! But before Privateer Press releases the hardcovers, they’re going to release the Mk.II in a playtest format, so players can beat the hell out of the army lists and provide useful feedback to PP. Wow.

Check out PP’s FAQ here and check out the plans they have for the game. They’re changing the stats for every single model in the game. I’m not going to list them here – just read it already!


2 thoughts on “Warmachine/Hordes Mk.II

  1. Yea should be interesting the improvements to jacks sounds about what I wanted to be changed about them but I think changing the stats for every model might be overstating it a bit but who knows. It looks like their releasing the beta rules as a league. Not sure how those have worked, never really looked too close at what they involved for the past ones.

  2. “Every single model has been reevaluated from top to bottom for game balance as well as rules interactions to bring you the best tabletop gaming experience possible.”

    I would think that points value would be included here, and I think that every model’s points will be adjusted somewhat, along with their special rules. Remember how we’ve discussed all that fine type onteh back of cards, and how out of hand that’s becoming? I bet alot of that is going away. Yay!

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