Trollkin Hero is Complete

100_1270-trollkin-heroI like Solos in Warmachine and Hordes. They allow you flexibility that 10 sized units can’t. So when I saw the stats for the Trollkin Hero, I knew I had to pick him up.

This dude is basically a mini-warbeast – he gets 2 attacks with his *Attack, has a superior MAT:8, and synergizes with Trollkin Champions – one of the best infantry units in the game. All for 38pts. That’s fair, considering a Trollblood Light Warbeast is almost double that – he is almost exactly half a warbeast, with 10 hits.

Painting this guy was easy – he’s basically all armour. After black primer, I dry brushed him with GW Chainmail. After painting green trim on the armour, I washed it all with Badab Black, and used my original Chainmail for highlighting. Done! 

Trollkin Hero: Solo
Points on the table:
38pts   Time to paint: 2hrs
SPD:5  STR:8  MAT:8  RAT:4  DEF:12  ARM:17  Great Axe: 13 – Reach

(As an aside… I really think this model was inspired by WoW.  It looks like an Orc illustration right off the cover of a WoW TCG box. N’est ce pas?)


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