Grim Angus is Done

100_1267-grim-angusGrim Angus. As if his name wasn’t fun enough to say… there’s alot to like about this Trollblood Warlock:
• 13″ RAT:7 range
• 6 FURY
• Alchemical goggles

He’s expensive at 76pts, but it’s good to have a ‘lock with shooty skills in an army of melee experts. His alchemical goggles allow him to see through cloud effects, and specialized invisible or stealthy troops. He can also see through forests, and confer this ability to beasts/units with his “Cross Country” upkeep spell.

I’ve painted up 2 of him because I offered to paint Andrew the Smith’s too. As long as he didn’t mind mine looking identical – it was not really an imposition to do 2 at once, and I think they both look good. Got that Andrew – your Grim is done!

Grim Angus – Trollblood Trollkin Warlock Character
Points on the table: 76pts   Time to paint: 4hrs (for both – 18 colours(!))

SPD:6  STR:7  MAT:6  RAT:7  DEF:16  ARM:15  Fury:6  CMD: 8  Hits:17


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