Khador War Dog is Complete

100_1264-khador-war-dog1The Khador War Dog is a very recent addition to Warmachine, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one.

These guys are an FA:1 addition to a Khadoran caster, with SPD:7 – so, fast enough to keep up. For 18pts you’re not getting a powerhouse here, but a 10″ charging armoured Rottweiller that gets to automatically engage any model that gets too close to your caster. That’s a counter-charge… so he gets to do it in your opponent’s turn.

This is one of the first models I’ve filled gaps in the assembly in, with white glue, and it seems to have worked perfectly. I find green stuff is only really useful with larger gaps, and sometimes when you use it, you just can’t get a smooth blend down to the original model. White glue is better when a hairline gap needs filling – it actually pulls itself into the crack, and smoothing it out is easy with your finger. Just like caulking.

Khador War Dog – 18pts.   Time to paint – 1hr
Spd:7  Str: 7  Mat:6  Rat:1  Def:14  Arm:13


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