LotR Wild Wargs are Complete

Warg Chieftain and Wargs

Warg Chieftain and Wargs

It’s been awhile since I painted up some LotR minis, but these guys have been sitting around half-finished now for about a month, so I decided to finish them off with a game pending this Thursday at Jeff’s Cards and Comics.

The models are actually part of a Warg Rider box set, and while the riders themselves aren’t finished yet, I can still use the Wargs on their own as part of a Dol Guldur army or alliance. Before painting these models I glued 1/16″ rare earth magnets onto their backs, near the riders’ eventual positions. That way I can remove the riders if they are shot out of the saddle (Wargs are a very rare cavalry mount that may continue to fight, riderless) or use the models as pictured, as Wild Wargs.

Wild Wargs are fast at 10″ per turn, but apart from a strength of 4, are very average in everything else. They don’t even benefit from the CAVALRY rules. The Warg Chieftain is a whopping 75pts(!), and can issue heroic orders, but only to other Wargs. Makes sense.

Wild Wargs: F:3/-  S:4  D:4  A:1  W:1  C:2  Time to paint – 2.5hrs
Points on the table (1 Chieftain and 5 regular Wargs): 115pts


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