Eldar Vyper is Complete

Eldar Vyper
Eldar Vyper

I just had a quick check with Army Builder – with completion of this Vyper, I have now officially painted 1000pts of Eldar. Yay!

This is another model that you could spend so much more time on. For now, I’m happy to have it at tabletop quality, and be glad to get onto the next unit. The Vyper is a really interesting platform of weapons – do you get the Shuriken Cannon upgrade and use it for infantry support, along with say, a  Scatter Laser? Or do you say to hell with the short stuff, and put a Bright Lance on it? The latter loadout will make your opponent’s armour sweat – a lance treats all armour above S:12 as S:12.  Once again, too bad about the BS:3.

The most problematic assembly of any model I’ve done yet for the Eldar – I had to assemble and paint it, in stages. I hate doing that. And in the end, the arms reaching for the handles didn’t line up perfectly. I’m eager to see it in action with a holo-field and maybe some star engines.

Eldar Vyper: Time to paint: 5hrs  Points on the table:125pts


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