Eldar Falcon is Complete

Eldar FalconThe Eldar Falcon is a really cool tank skimmer. Its outlines were innovative in the 40K universe. It’s also a model that you could put alot of time into if you wanted – there’s so much understated detail.

But… maybe later. Right now I have to get 1000pts ready for SuperBowl weekend gaming with GamerGus, and I’ve got a lot more models yet to paint.

Because the Pulse Laser’s range is 48″, I think this unit will be standing off at long range to fire at armour; therefore its secondary gun should also be long range – probably the Eldar Missile Launcher – also S:8. It’s an armour hunter for sure, and good at taking out SM Terminators and vehicles. Too bad about the BS:3.

Time to paint: 8hrs    Points on the table: 180pts


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