English Andrew Drops by for Magic & Memoir ’44

100_1234-6001So English Andrew and I got together for a rare day of gaming. And after several suggestions of our usual favourites, we ended up playing two things that were very different:

• Memoir ’44

• Magic the Gathering

I hadn’t played M44 in a long time, and Andrew had never played it – but we’re both very familiar with the C&C order system, so we were into our first Bazttle of the Bulge scenario, quickly. It was a close game in the end, but I managed to win it with a last ditch armoured assault that took out 3 of his regiments in 1 turn, and made his final 2 weakened units obvious targets. Allies win Bulge again…
After that, we brought out the Magic cards. The last time Andrew and I played Magic the Gathering was 4 or 5 years ago. I’ve had a resurgence of interest in it lately, and he was happy to oblige me with a few games with his many assembled decks.
I had 3 premade off-the-shelf decks from the latest block: Lorwyn. It was a good time – swapping many decks between many games – and we played for well over 4 hours. It really is a fascinating game, with so many combinations, decisions and themes to play by, Magic can be infinitely variable. And it was. I’m going to keep looking into the changes in this one.
Thanks for using one of your valuable vacation days Andrew. Sorry we couldn’t get together for another.

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