Battlemind Painting Table – Dec.8th, 2008

100_1212-table-Dec08-08Here’s a look at what I’m currently working on as of today:
• 1 assembled Mordor troll – ready for priming
• 6 wargs for LotR – unprimed plastics to the right are the riders
• 1 Dwarvish captain
• 10 ships of an Uncharted Seas Dwarf fleet

I’ve gotten alot of LotR miniatures painted recently, as my renewed interest in the game has demanded it. I’ve been playing with William of Hatton at my local FLGS, and we’ve split 2 close games. Unfortunately, if I want to keep some variety in my forces, I need more men to do it; as I have about 500pts of good and evil fully painted. The wargs and the 2nd Troll will lend interesting add-ons to my bad guys – as I’ve never played a game with 2 trolls ever, and the wargs – well… I rarely ever play with fast troops. I think I’ve used cavalry once in all my LotR games. They do make the game much more interesting, as cavalry are much taller than men, and can simply stride over obstacles that most models must roll to climb successfully.

The overexposed white blob is a white-primed Dwarf cruiser – my prototype paint job for my Uncharted Seas Dwarvish fleet. I’m pretty sure it’ll be finished by the end of the day – stay tuned…


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