My First Ent

Quickbeam - who knew?
Quickbeam – who knew?

When the Dwarves of Khazad-Dum take to the battlefield, they can of course have any of the allies listed in the Legions of Middle Earth book; and one of those allies is the Fangorn army.

Unfortunately, to take an allied army, it must be led by its own hero – even a captain will do. But in the Fangorn army, the cheapest hero is either Quickbeam or Beechbone, both starting at 140pts! So, 1 hero it is – 1 model it is – from Fangorn. I like the look and feel of the big guys in LotR armies – but the Forces of the Free Peoples have very little diversity when it comes to big guys. The Ents are the exception, but they aren’t available to everyone.
This model has been kicking around the painting studio for 3 or 4 months now. As I finished the bulk of my Dwarf Warriors (only Balin is left) I thought I’d finish him too. He was done with about 3 colours of drybrushing, and clump foliage you can buy for making your own trees. I might try drybrushing some secondary colours into Quickbeam’s foliage, for an enhanced 3D look, but otherwise he’s ready to terrorize the bad guys.
Quickbeam: Time to paint: 2hrs   Points on the table: 140pts.

One thought on “My First Ent

  1. hello, where can i buy metal figurines like beechbone and quickbeam… here in the netherlands they are quite rare…
    hope you can help me!!

    best regards,


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