Chaos Knight Prototype

100_1159-knightYou could paint the new GW Chaos Knights for days and still not do them justice. These guys are jam packed with details – but they’re good details – the kind you can paint easily!

Honestly, that’s a huge difference – when the details are easy to pick out with a brush, painting is so much easier and goes faster. This was my prototype knight, so he took about 4hrs to paint; but that included choosing colours, painting and overpainting colours I had 2nd thoughts about, and of course – assembly. Then I washed it all with the new GW Badab Black wash – awesome – it brought the whole thing together. The shield was painted separately, than glued into place.

Look for more of these guys as I finish the box set. I have no intention of buying the army book yet, although I have looked at it. Chaos can take Ogres as special choices too – kewl! I can use my OK guys with this army – even with great weapons! Sure as hell not going to use the Chaos Ogre models – blah…

Time to paint: 4hrs  Points on the table (I think): 45pts.


One thought on “Chaos Knight Prototype

  1. This Chaos Knight and your mounted High Elf are absolutely fantastic, great painting. Would you accept an invite to join our forum ? We’re always looking for keen WFB bloggers and post an invite when we find a new blog we like. If you’re interested:-

    All the best and keep up that top quality painting !

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