Khazad Guard are Complete

100_1156-khazad-guardAny Dwarf Warrior with ‘Guard’ in his name is going to be nasty on the battlefield – and these Khazad Guard are no exception. Khazad Guard are basically fearless, as long as their chosen hero is still alive. Their Defence rating of 7 (no shields!) is more than most than most warriors in LotR with shields.

These guys were fun to paint, but they had a lot of thin metal slag spirals coming off them. I initially made the mistake of painting their hidden faces with skin tones and ink washes, which, after I’d done their masked helmets, didn’t provide enough contrast. Their faces didn’t look like they were in shadow enough, and there was little depth. So I painted them black, and that solved everything.

Khazad Guard: F:4/4+  S:4  D:7  A:1  W:1  C:4  Time to paint – 4hrs. Points on the table (x8): 88pts


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