LotR Dwarvish 2-Handed Warriors Complete

100_1151-dwarf2-handedThe last of the box of 24 Dwarf Warriors are complete. These 8, 2-handed axe wielding Dwarves still have a pretty high defense value (D:6), but of course suffer from the -1 to hit roll because of their weapon.  So, while they won’t be winning combats without support from their comrades, they will be more than capable of killing them.

Unfortunately these sculpts are probably the worst of the 24. Their beards are poorly defined, and some contours are just a solid mass – paint ’em up however you want. This is in stark contrast to the Khazad Guard that I’m painting next – metal models with lots of detail and better poses.

I opted not to vary the colour scheme on these guys, from the rest of the 24. I’ll make sure the Khazad Guard are distinct, but these 2-handers fit right in.

Time to paint: 3hrs. Points on the table: 64pts (2-handed weapons are free).


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