LotR Dwarves with Shields are Complete

100_1147-dwarves-shieldsThese guys are another 8 in my Dwarvish Warriors box that adds up to 208pts of LotR troops. They’re also quite easy to paint – the sculpts are very soft cornered – even blobbish in some areas. For this reason, painting them up with heavy blacklining is a good idea – their detail still pops at 3 feet away.

The colour scheme I used is very similar to my Dwarvish bowmen, so the army will have a cohesive look on the table. I’m going to change that alot however with the 2-handed guys coming up next – I want to be able to tell at a glance who’s carrying what weapons when a game’s in progress. In LotR, your various troop types are always mixing around throughout a melee – not unlike a real skirmish – once contact is made. And they’re already small models to begin with!

Total time to paint: 3hrs. Points on the table: 72.


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