LotR Dwarf Bowmen Complete

Dwarf Bowmen

Dwarf Bowmen

I’m a fan of GW’s Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. I bought every one when they were released with the movies years ago. I’ve also had these Dwarves sitting in a box for a couple of years now. So I’ve started putting my paintbrush to these warriors in an effort to use them in some subterranean scenarios in the near future.

Using the Legions of Middle Earth guidebook, I plan on having enough Dwarves for both the Khazad-Dum and Erebor army lists. They’re practically identical lists, except for the heroes and allies, and I get to use Gimli with Erebor – what’s not to like?

LotR is a great skirmish battle game – probably the best skirmish “medieval” game I’ve ever played. The miniatures are easy on the wallet ($20 for a box of 24 models), there are enough strategic decisions to make, with weapons variances, to make every game interesting. I think I’ll do a review soon. But for now, it’s back to the table to finish off this box of 24 Dwarves – 8x bowmen, 8x 2-handed axemen and 8 with hand weapon and shield.

Dwarf bowmen – F:4/4+  S:3  D:6  A:1  W:1  C:4. Points to put on the table – 72.


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