Grissel Bloodsong-Warlock

So, as long as I’m on a painting binge, I thought I might as well finish off Grissel Bloodsong, my 2nd Trollblood caster.

I chose her as my 2nd caster because of her Fell Calls: Cacaphony, Heroic Ballad and Hoof-It, all really useful calls in close combat – and with longer ranges than Ironhide. Hoof-it is especially good for getting units out of CC when they have no possibility of winning – a circumstance I expect to encounter against Warmachine armies.

Painting her was really easy – there’s so much detail to pick out after priming her white, that washes did half the job for me, Afterwards it was just a matter of highlighting. Like many other Trollbloods, she has a manageable level of detail.

Total painting time: 2hrs. Points to put her on the table – 70 – even though she only has 2 spells, she has 3 fell calls that need no fury to go off. Awesome.


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