Scattergunners are Complete

The Scattergunners took about an hour a model. I could put more detail into them, but they look good enough for the tabletop already, and I have a lot more to paint for next weekend.

This unit costs 77pts to put on the table, so this unit, combined with the battle box 4some, is almost exactly 350pts. A good base army to start Hordes with. These guys don’t excel at anything really, but their guns do use the spray template to hit with RAT:6, so the sheer volume of overlaps are bound to kill something. Especially ignoring cover. They’re a lot of fun to paint – not a lot of finicky detail, (which suits Trolls) but what they do have is easily reached with a brush, or easily washed, speeding things up immensely.

I think a heavy warbeast is next on my acquisition list – everything I’ve painted so far is medium based, so lots of attacks, but not very high P+S. The Dire Troll’s animus – Rage – is too good to pass up.


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