Trollblood Box is Complete

Trollblood Starter Box
Trollblood Starter Box

Slightly behind schedule – the Trollblood starter box I received from Glenimal, is complete.

I really like the amount of detail on these guys – not too much, and not too little. They’re broad-shouldered simple brutes with a good theme. The only hesitation I have with any of these minis is with Ironhide – his outfit is just weird. What the hell are those 2 canisters doing around his neck – floating, or just swinging with his movements? And the back of his robes are indistinct – where the robe ends and his flesh starts isn’t well defined.

Total points to put these guys on the table – 286. So now I’ve got to get another 70pts or so done up for my first painted game with these guys in a couple of weeks. Go Trolls go!


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