40K with AI

Adam the Ignatz was at the house this weekend, reading, assembling, painting, and even playing 40K. The games were mixed, but fun.

Both games were 500pt Combat Patrol scenarios, using the regular battle generator from the 5th Ed. book – 1st game was a ‘seize ground’ mission with 5 (!) objectives and a pitched battle setup. This game ended after turn 3 when Adam had practically no models left, and was in no position to capture anymore objectives with Troop units. Failed morale rolls saw too many Fire Warriors flee off the table. Truth be told, I did get to go first, and therefor choose my table side, which had a distinct building cover advantage.

Last turn for these Dire Avengers

2nd game was a replay of the first with slightly more terrain and different lists. My 2nd list had slightly more men on the field at the cost of heavy weapon upgrades. This proved to be bad. Adam’s 2nd list had him loading Fire Warriors into 2 DevilFish, with an accompanying Pirhana escort. My poor Eldar couldn’t keep up – not enough hvy weapons to bring these guys down, even after multiple hits. Oh well – it was a fair fight, and new, heavier, painted units are arriving shortly. This game was a draw as we both had 1 objective after 7(!) turns, with one contested by two troops in cc (2 Guardians vs. 2 Fire Warriors). Very close, and a lot more fun. I think Adam has seen the advantages of Mech Tau, unfortunately.

Good games Adam – come back for some more!


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