Expanding the High Elves

HE Prince/Noble on Steed

HE Prince/Noble on Steed

So I’ve decided to expand my High Elf army – which basically means painting the whole slew of models I already own, so they can finally be used. I’m not a big proponent of playing with unpainted models if you have the appropriate points in painted models ready to go. Unfortunately, at 2000pts, that means seeing the same units over and over again. But here’s the answer – characters.

If I use this model as a Noble, the cheapest character the HE can buy, he starts at 85pts. If I equip him with the gear seen here, (great weapon, dragon armour, barded elven steed, and shield) he’s 117pts. And that’s without magic items.

If I play buddy as a Prince, more likely for the Ld:10 stat, he’d be 198pts as modelled. Cool. Count me in on characters. That’s 198 metric points (426 Imperial). Anyway, it was nice to finally get him done – he’d been sitting around for many months at 90% completion.

I’ve painted him up in my Dragon Princes’ red, (GW Foundation Mechrite Red) so he looked like HE nobility. He could also double as a Dragon Prince or Silver Helm champion when needed. Also recently painted are 4 more HE archers – so now I can field 2 full units of 10 each (as unlikely as that might be) – but at least now I have the choice. Yay me.


3 thoughts on “Expanding the High Elves

  1. Hi. Id just like to say thats a great job for a start. And how do you work up to get that red and blue hued silver? what GW paints do you use?

    • Thanks Michael – but there’s no secret to the silver. The axe has been painted Boltgun metal and then worn/highlighted with Chainmail. The mount’s red armour is Mechrite Red (foundation), and has been edged with Chainmail to look like its been scraped off. All mail is just Chainmail, washed with Badab Black (or black ink with Future floor wax – I can’t remember when I made the switchover!)
      – Dave

  2. Very nice paint job, how did you go about getting the armor on the horse to look like that, the red portion in particular?


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